Fields of consulting

    Competitive advantages of companies

    Strategic management

    Strategic analysis
    Strategy development
    Strategy implementation

    Sustainable development – corporate environmental and social responsibility

    Business models

    Change management

    Knowledge management

    Sport management

      Consulting seminars

      Through the Research Center of the School of Economics and Business (RCEF)

      Sources of Competitive Advantages of Slovenian Firms (11/2003)

      Through the Center of Business Excellence of the School of Economics and Business (CPOEF)

      Development of a Strategic Plan in a Firm: Developing and Choosing Business Strategies (3/2005)
      Marketing Relationships as a Source of Competitive Advantages in Purchasing (2/2008)
      Strategy Formulation: Business Academy for Telekom Slovenia Group (4/2009)


      Management of sport infrastructure and events: Training of professional staff of the Slovenian Golf Association (11/2021 – 1/2022)

      Consulting projects


      Factor banka d.d., Ljubljana (1/2006 – 5/2006)
      Development of an entry strategy in South and East European markets
      Adeptio d.o.o., Ljubljana (5/2006 – 9/2006)
      Development of a business strategy
      PBN d.o.o., Kranj (5/2007 – 1/2008)
      Development of a comprehensive business model
      Corvus d.o.o., Vodice (2/2008 – 8/2008)
      Development of a comprehensive strategic plan
      Naravno zdravilišče Bukovnica d.o.o., Ljubljana (1/2015 – 5/2015)
      Development of an annual planning and control model for the restaurant The Wok
      Domel d.o.o., Železniki (1/2015 – 10/2015, 1/2017 – 10/2017)
      Development of a business strategy of the business unit Laboratory systems
      Market analysis for light electric vehicles
      Elektro Gorenjska d.d., Kranj (8/2018 – 11/2018)
      Development of a new business model in the field of Energy engineering
      Petrol d.d., Ljubljana (11/2018 – 5/2019)
      Development of a business strategy of the company Petrol d.o.o. Zagreb
      Zavarovalnica Triglav d.d., Ljubljana (12/2018 – 5/2019)
      Innovative approaches in combining digital campaigns and sport events
      JP Vodovod Kanalizacija Snaga d.o.o., Ljubljana (3/2019 – 6/2019, 3/2020 – 6/2020, 7/2020 – 10/2020)
      Research on the market and sales potential of products from recycled materials
      Development of a business strategy and a business model for biomass products
      Development of a structured reporting system for sustainable business practices
      Elan d.o.o., Begunje na Gorenjskem (2/2023 – 4/2023)
      Ambassadors and influencers in sports: How to strengthen the Elan brand with new communication approaches?
      Sport Media Focus d.o.o., Ljubljana (4/2024 – 6/2024)
      Developing a business plan for a digital platform for online training with boxer Dejan Zavec

      Other organizations

      Development of a model of governance of sport infrastructure in Ljubljana after the construction of the Sport center Stožice
      Establishment of an international school of sport and leisure infrastructure management
      Union of Economists of Slovenia (11/2004 – 10/2012)
      Organization of symposia and conferences
      University of Ljubljana, Rectorate (2/2017 – 3/2017, 11/2017 – 12/2017, 11/2018 – 12/2018, 07/2020 – 12/2020, 09/2021 – 11/2021, 11/2022 – 12/2022)
      Defining goals and development and implementation of plans
      Development of action plans for improving business processes at the university
      Development of internationalization strategies for three partner universities in Montenegro
      Feasibility study for the organization of European Youth Olympics Festival 2023 in Slovenia
      Needs analysis and proposals for the development of ice hockey infrastructure in Slovenia
      Strategic analysis and proposals for improving the Ljubljana marathon by 2024
      Strategic analysis and development of a strategy
      Strategic dilemmas and proposals for improving the first Slovenian men’s basketball league
      Strategy of Slovenian women’s handball in the period 2023-2026
      Municipality of Ribnica (4/2023 – 6/2023)
      Development strategy of the Business zone Lepovče
      Strategic analysis and development of a strategy